Speech Time Fun’s Favorite Websites To Use In Speech


Work on a variety of goals and incorporate technology using free websitesThere are so many available resources online for SLPs. I have gathered my favorite websites to use in speech to share with you!

In no particular order…

1.  Readworks.org : You can easily get texts at various lexiles and can browse based on goal/skill you want to address. I recommend using white out to get rid of the grade levels on the print outs. This way if you are working with a sixth grade group but they are reading at a 3rd grade level, they won’t realize you gave them a text at a lower level.

2.  NewsELA.com : This website has awesome news articles for kids. Each article comes in various lexile levels. This is great for mixed groups! You can also plan an entire activity around the theme/concept of the news article and use with various groups throughout the day/week!

3.  K12reader.com : This website has tons of reading comprehension worksheets and worksheets for various skills/goals. I like that when you browse for a worksheet, it tells you the grade levels, lexiles, and common core standards. It is great for getting an idea of what your students are expected to do in their classrooms based on their grade levels.

4.  Vocab Grabber: This website is an awesome way to pull out vocabulary based on category or tier 2. Just copy and paste any text into this website and you can see the science, social studies, geography, people, math, and arts and literature. Check out my video below to see it for yourself:

5.  ePals.com : This website makings connecting to others around the country and world so much easier. Easily find another speech group and your speech students can write emails to each other through this website. They can build written expression, social skills, and learn about other cultures/environments. Check out my video below to learn more:

6.   Comic Strip Creator: I love using this website to create simple comic strips. You can make 1-6 slides and it has various background, characters, prop, and speech/thought bubble options. You can have students retell personal narratives, retell a story read/heard, or even create their own stories using target articulation sounds or vocabulary words. You can work on prepositions, sentence structures, asking/answering questions, and more! Check out my video to learn more:

7.  Wordle: I just love having the ability to let my students create images with words! Word clouds with articulation words, vocabulary words, describing various objects, and more! Click HERE to see my blog post all about it. You can also check out my video below to see more!

8.  Learning Games for Kids: This website has a ton of games that will motivate any student. You can work on vocabulary, context clues, contractions, compound words, parts of speech, idioms, and more!

9.  Cue Prompter: There are several free Teleprompters available online. I just happen to like this one since it is easy to use. How can you use a Teleprompter? Students can make speeches using their target articulation sounds, fluency activities, or even practice for classroom presentations for students with social anxieties or other social difficulties. Anything involving technology is just fun! Just type in the speech, click start, and click the space bar to start the movement of the text on the screen! How fun?!

10.  Quizlet Live: You can easily create a “class” and make a study set of vocabulary words. If you have access to multiple computers (maybe in a library or computer lab), this website has a “live” feature so that each student will just go to a website, enter in a code you give them, and they can compete in a game show type activity to review the vocabulary words. You need a minimum of 6 students (but you can always participate if you only have groups of 5!). Once the game is completed, you get data on the common errors from the activity.

I hope you find this comprehensive list useful. I will continue to share more of these websites on my Periscope/live broadcasts and archive these videos onto my You Tube channel so you can access them at any time, from anywhere! Did I miss an awesome website/resource, comment or send me a message to let me know!!! I love hearing and learning from you!