Speech4Good App Review & Giveaway!

As promised in my last blog post, I do have an app to review & giveaway!  I was recently contacted by the developers, Balbus Speech, about their new app, Speech4Good.


The app combines features such as a delayed auditory feedback and digital speech graph to help increase a user’s fluency and visualize speech, and each session can be saved into a library for easy tracking. The app would be particularly useful for you if you are working with any children with stuttering and fluency problems.

When you enter the app, you are brought to this main page:

By clicking the “Speech Center” button, you are brought to this screen:

This brought me back to graduate school!  Haven't seen anything like this since!  You can select to turn the speech graph on or off.  You can select to turn the DAF (digital auditory feedback) on or off.  In order to use this feature, you must have your headphones plugged in.  You can select the level of delay.  This may be a trial and error for you and your student.  Keep trying to find the comfort and level that works.  This process naturally creates a slower rate of speech and leads to a greater awareness of speech-hearing changes.

Don't see the DAF effective?  You can just use this app to record and monitor speech for those students with a stutter.  The graph can help student see the changes when they block, prolong, or repeat.

You can record and save sessions:

When you save, you can write notes to yourself or have the student write notes about their own speech.  Great for progress monitoring or analyzing later.

All recordings are saved in the “library.”

You can save and email all recordings as well.  A view of the account settings button:

You can learn more about this app at the iTunes store. Want to try it before you buy it?  They have a lite version!

Reminder, THIS MONDAY is International Stuttering Awareness Day!  Help spread the word!

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