Spooky Speech Fun!

I was shocked when I started hearing my speech students this week talk about Halloween!  Is it really around the corner?  When I took a quick look at my calendar, I saw that it is true, October is MONDAY!  As I cleaned up my always messy desk and put away my “back to school” themed materials, I started going through my Halloween materials.  I noticed I was missing some skills that I would like to address and decided to make a download geared around these goals.  I hope you can find them useful too!  Introducing, Spooky Speech Fun!

What does it include?  It has an open-ended board game that you can use with the activities included or any other stimulus.

Wh- Question Cards: These cards can be used to practice wh- questions as well as conversation starters.  All questions relate to Halloween!

Synonyms & Opposites: All cards contain two words.  Students must use their knowledge of synonyms and opposites and express their response.  A visual is included to assist with understanding as well as sentence strips to help with expanded their responses as students explain their reasoning.


Reading/Listening Comprehension:  A short story, written by ME is provided.  I wrote this story with the idea in mind to use graphic organizers and/or my story telling rope to assist in recall of key elements of a story.  There are task cards which ask questions related to the story.  Students are required to use their graphic organizers and strategies for recalling.  I also threw in some vocabulary questions for extra fun and practice!


I can think of about 10 groups I can use one or more these activities with.  I hope you find this download as useful too!  Check it out at my TpT store!