Spring Differentiated Question Scenes!

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Working on answering WH questions with your students?  Do you have groups with students at mixed levels or like to have materials you can use all day/week with various groups?  Are you looking for more spring related products?!  This product is for you!

What does it include?
-5 scenes included – in color and black-and-white version
-for each scene: 3 levels of questions are provided

What are the 3 levels?
-Level 1: Students can match the answers to the various wh- questions provided.  You can cut out the answer choices and use Velcro.  Students can Velcro the correct answers in the box next to each question.
-Level 2:  Students will verbally respond to the questions provided.  No choices are included at this level.  Encourage students to use complete sentences!
-Level 3:  Students will read or listen to a short paragraph and look at the picture.  Then, they can respond to the various wh- questions based on the picture on the text read/heard.  I recommend laminating the story/questions on the back of the picture.  This way, you can easily read to your students and they can look at the picture.

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