Spring Early Language File Folder Activities!

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Although there is still snow on the ground, I think it is appropriate to start creating spring materials!!  First on the to do list, my spring file folder activities!!  I love using these with my low functioning students that are working on basic theme vocabulary, answering basic wh- questions, pronouns, and expanding utterance length!

Activities that can be used as file folder activities or printed and used as is. Activities are created to build vocabulary, use complete sentences, and answer questions while incorporating theme concepts.  Tons of visuals and sentence strips provided!

Activities included:
-What Do They Have?:  Print and glue the boy and girl images onto one side of a file folder.  For each item card, students must use the sentence strips provided to express which person has the different items.  This activity can also be used to work on “who” questions, pronouns, and possessives.

-I Spy In The Spring Scene: Print the scene picture.  Students can use the visual to locate all of the named items.  Goals you can address with this activity: prepositions, answering/asking questions, describing, and using vocabulary in complete sentences.

-What Color Is It?:  Students will sort the spring items into the correct color category.  Each color has a sentence strip to encourage students to expand utterances as they express the different colors.

-Singular or Plural?:  Students will sort the spring items into the correct category, singular or plural.  They can use the sentence strip to express which category it belongs into.

-Where Do You See It?: Students must determine which items are found in the sky and those found in the grass.  They can use the sentence strip provided to express the answer to the question using complete utterances.

You can access this file folder activity pack in my TpT store by clicking HERE!