180: Stuttering is Cool with Daniele Rossi

Stuttering is Cool with Daniele Rossi


Are you interested in learning more about stuttering? 

In this episode of SLP Coffee Talk, I sat down with Daniele Rossi to talk about his struggle with stuttering throughout his life and how he has taken his stutter and turned it into an opportunity to help stuttering children gain confidence and feel proud of themselves, stutter and all.

Drawing comic strips and stuttering since he was four years old, Daniele Rossi, is a digital marketer and cartoonist living in Toronto, Canada.

Daniele gave overt stuttering a try and immediately began experiencing many positive benefits. He appeared more confident, and courageous, and he learned that listeners truly didn’t care about his disfluencies. Speaking and social situations were more enjoyable, Daniele met more people, gave presentations at conferences, and was also interviewed in the Winnipeg Free Press and on national radio and TV.

But most important of all, Daniele was no longer the only person he knew who stuttered. Thanks to the Internet and conferences, he made friends with others who stutter all over the world (and continues to do so). Together they regularly share their experiences and laughs and help new members to the worldwide stuttering community live fulfilling lives in spite of their stuttering. This makes stuttering cool!


In This Episode You’ll Discover:

  • How Daniele got started empowering other stuttering students to be comfortable in their own skin
  • How Daniele discovered that stuttering is okay through social media 
  • What happens when you hang out with people who have a positive outlook on stuttering
  • The impact Franky Banky has had on the stuttering community
  • What to do if you’re looking to get the dialog going with your stuttering students
  • What’s next for Franky Banky
  • Daniele’s advice for SLPs looking to SLPs


I hope you enjoyed this conversation with Daniele! I love how he aims to make students with a stutter more comfortable in their own skin. If you want to learn more from him, make sure to check out Frankky Banky and his shop, get on his email list, and follow him on Instagram

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Stuttering is Cool with Daniele Rossi


Joke of the Week:

Q: Which superhero hits the most home runs?

A: Batman

Bonus: What do sharks eat? 

A: Fish and Ships


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