Summer Expanding Vocabulary Fun! (EET Companion)

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Were you hoping I would create a summer EET companion pack?!  I did!!  It is available and ready for you to grab and use in your therapy rooms over the summer or the last few weeks of school!

**Reminder, this is a companion pack!  It has been created to be used WITH the Expanding Expression Tool.  Learn more about this tool kit by clicking HERE!

What can you find in this summer EET companion pack?!

Expanding Vocabulary Beach Game:
-Print and laminate a sandcastle for each student.
-Print and laminate the beach items and place them in the middle.

-Print and laminate the visual/directions and display them for your students.  If you have a Smart Board you can display this page on it for your students to see while playing.  This will help them understand what they need in order to win!

-Place the object pile in the middle.  Students will take turns picking an object.  On each object card is an EET “bead”.  They must express the describing concept requested (EET bead).  Once they express that description, they can locate the  beach item that has that EET bead on it. Students will take turns picking an object and describing it while adding the items to their sandcastle until all of the cards run out.  The first student to fill their sandcastle with all 7 types of  beach items/EET beads is the winner!  (**48 object cards included!**)

-Review worksheets are included!!

-A generic board game is included that can be used with any targets.  Students must roll a dice to move along the game board.  They must express the description based on the space they land on.  All spaces have correlating EET “beads.”

You can access this EET companion pack in my TpT store by clicking HERE!!