Summer Good vs Bad Behavior Sort

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It can be difficult to find ways to teach social skills and how to behave in various social situations.  I enjoy using sorting activities to demonstrate good vs bad behavior.  To go with the summer theme, I created a sort related to the theme!

You can use this after reading a social story or role playing.  You can laminate and cut out the red wagons and leave as is or attach to a file folder.  Each student can select a sorting card out of a hat, cup, Ned's Head, etc.  They can read it on own of you can read it to them depending on reading level.  You can discuss the situation, cause/effect (“so then what could go wrong?”), and determine if it is good or bad behavior.

After completing the sort, you can generate lists on a dry erase board or as a follow up worksheet, what should we remember to do when: riding a bike, going to the beach, going swimming in a pool, playing with a friend, going to a playground, or out in the sun.  I did not include ALL summer dos and don'ts so you can see if the students can come up with more, such as “wait after eating to go back in the pool.”  Your students can make posters to hang up and illustrate the summer rules for good behavior.  There are tons of ways to incorporate this activity into a lesson and use with follow up lessons.  What can you think of?!  Send me an email, I would love to share it!

Grab your copy of the summer behavior sorting activity here:

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