Summer Synonyms!

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Have you been enjoying all of these summer themed materials?  I hope so!!  I decided to share one that I use with my older or more advanced students.  We have been working on synonyms all year!!!  How about a quick review before we depart for summer vacation?!  You can use this idea to send home in a summer packet, activity for the end of the year, or during summer school.

I provided Boardmaker cards to use as review.  You can print and glue to index cards to make a quick memory game as review.  Can your students take turns to find the matches of words that go together??  “____ is the same as _____”

I created a worksheet to assess understanding but you can use as a group activity or homework.  Students will read or listen to the sentences and try to substitute the underlined words with their synonyms.  I included the choices on the bottom.  Feel free to cut it off to make it more challenging!

Grab your copies here:


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