Super Mario Comprehension Cue Cards

To keep with the common core standards, I am always looking for ways to tie them into my speech sessions.  It can be hard!!  I always fear of turning into a resource room or reading teacher.  No offense to those that are, that is not what I do!  To try and reach these skills through a language lens, I created cue cards with has carrier phrases to respond to higher level thinking questions.

I decided to go with a Super Mario theme because why not, students are always motivated by video games. I created generic cues so one can use them over and over.  You may want to pull some cards that may not apply to the story read/heard.

How did I use this?  I found a story to read to my students (older grades 3rd through 6th).  As they listened to me read we completed sequencing charts to help with recall.

After we read, each student selected a card from a paper bag or Ned's Head.  They read aloud the cue and then used the notes from our sequencing chart and their knowledge of the story to complete the sentences.

Each card elicited conversation with the group which is always ideal.  They learned that opinions may be different and that it is ok!  They also learned that these questions may not always require just looking or thinking back, they had to apply some other knowledge to answer it.

What skills do these cue cards target: cause/effect, story elements, inferencing, drawing conclusions, main idea, and using imagination/creativity.

I found these cards helpful for incorporating the common core skills in speech sessions.  How have you managed to do so?!?!  I would love to hear!!

For your copy of these cards, click here! 🙂