Syntax Workout ((app review))


Virtual Speech Center has done it again!  They have created a brand new app, Syntax Workout, and it is great!  The developers were generous to provide me with a copy to check out and share with all of you!  Remember, the opinions are all mine!

If you are familiar with any of their other apps, it follows a similar layout which is great for figuring out easily how to use it!  Below you can see the setting options:

You can use this app with multiple students at a time.  It switches between them after each “question/task.”  Since I am on spring break, you can see the student is “me.”

You can see below several different options of tasks to practice.  I do recommend using one task per student at a time.  This is because it sticks with one concept before moving on to the next.  It is great for drilling/practicing one concept type.

Students are welcomed with an adorable cartoon:

You can see below some sample pages of various concepts you can address with this app.  For each type, students are presented with a cloze sentence and 2 choices to pick.  I do love how the app will not allow the students to be impulsive and select an answer without hearing the entire sentence and both choices.  This is great for poor readers too!  Students are rewarded with a chime sound if correct and are reinforced for incorrect answers with a sound as well.  It also allows them to try again!  Once students select their response (receptively) they can record and play back the sentences to get the practice using verbally (expressive)!



After a selected amount of trials, students will be reworded with a bowling game.  SO FUN!  I had fun sitting on my couch playing this one 🙂  It keeps a score and lets students have 2 tries before starting again just like real bowling!

Whenever you feel you are done or once the 15 tasks per concept are completed you can click “finish.”  You can view a report at this time or can click “reports” from the main page to check back and monitor progress.


This app is great because it targets SO MANY concepts!  It is great for drilling.  I will recommend teaching the concepts before using “old school” or without technology methods.  Once students start grasping concepts, I do recommend taking out this app and collecting data with it rather than boring worksheets!

Learn more about this $16.99 app by visiting iTunes.