Tangled Tuesday with Speech Time Fun and Major Speech Pathology Fun by a Minor Girl!


Have you heard of Tangled Tuesdays which was created by Major Speech Pathology Fun by a Minor Girl??  If not, it is a fun way for you to see what your favorite speechie bloggers think of each others products!

I was honored to be provided with the opportunity to check out and review Amy's Super Gator Social Skills Activity Pack.

In this activity pack you can find:
Included Activities:
Command or Suggestion Task (30 cards)
Criticizing the Behavior Task (18 cards)
Good News Bad News Task (18 cards)
Can I Trust You Task (18 cards)
Social Conversational Vocabulary (36 cards)
Specific Directions and Therapy Activities
Visuals/Posters for: disagreeing with your friends, apologizing to your friends, how to join a conversation and example of non-verbal communication.

This pack uses cute gator/superhero graphics from Scrappin Doodles.  There are great sorting activities which can help elicit great conversation about different social situations.

There are visuals too which are great.

I used this activity with my life skills and social skills students.  This activity was designed for and is appropriate for older elementary and older students.  This was great to help talk about appropriate and inappropriate behaviors and comments.  We then got to role play the appropriate way to communicate to each other!

Have you used this activity?  What did you think?!

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