Telling Jokes in Speech: Why I love it & some ideas!


Do you tell jokes in speech? Have you tried to tell your speech and language students a joke and they give you weird looks?! How about they laugh but you can tell that they just do not get it?!

Jokes require understanding of so much language! Multiple meaning words, figurative language, and more confusing things. Here are some ways to introduce jokes to work on language skills:

  • Use a familiar topic: I often tell funny graduation jokes because my students will have to graduate someday! These jokes won't offend anyone either as they're all still in school and totally relatable.
  • Joke of the week: I have taken jokes that I have found that go with theme vocabulary or are just cute/funny, and posted them on my dry erase board. Each week, students can come in and see the joke and learn what makes it funny. This way they can retell the joke to their peers and family. Occasionally, I post brainteasers too, which often requires unconventional thinking. I tend to borrow the riddles from LaffGaff and similar other websites. Students come up with such a variety of answers that I often find it funnier than the riddles themselves.
  • While waiting for students to arrive in the speech room, I have taken out my joke books and let the kids try and find funny ones to tell each other. Then we dissected them to explain how they are funny.
Where do I find jokes??
and some free apps for jokes:
Jokes are also just a fun way to work on fluency or articulation!! Check out these products I found on TpT:
Do you use jokes?? How?!