Thanksgiving Listening for Details!

It seems that so many are looking for auditory comprehension activities.  I decided to make a fun pack for the Thanksgiving theme.

What does it include?

Students will listen to clues about Thanksgiving items.  They can use visual choices provided if necessary.  Once the item is identified, they can color a part of the turkey.  All you have to do is print a coloring page for each student and print/laminate the clue cards and visual choice cards.

A board game to use with listening for details cards.


Listening comprehension with a short story.  Students will listen to a story.  They can use the graphic organizer to take notes.  There are sequencing cards that can be used to preview and review.  Then there is a card game to practice recalling the details.  Students can select a card, if they answer the question, they can hold onto the card.  Once all cards are used, they can add up their points on their cards to determine a winner!




I hope you enjoy this one!!  It is available at my TpT store!