The Jacket I Wear In The Snow: Story Companion Activity Pack!

One of my favorite winter books, The
Jacket I Wear In The Snow” by Shirley Neitzel, is great for addressing MANY speech & language skills!

These skills include:
-Wh- Questions
-Auditory/Reading Comprehension
-Past Tense Verbs (regular & irregular)
-Nouns & Adjectives
-Winter Clothing Vocabulary

I created an activity pack to help have ready-to-go materials that go great with this book to address and practice the skills mentioned above!


What does this activity pack include?
-Sequencing Pictures:  Big version can be used as large visuals while telling and retelling story.  If you print two copies of this version, students can play memory matching games with the vocabulary.  Small version can be used for sequencing on construction paper or a paint stick.

In the images below, you can see how I used the large and small visuals.  I took some yarn and clothespins and had students place the clothing in order based on the story.  This is great for OT/finger grasp as well!  With the smaller images, I took two paint sticks and placed Velcro on them to have students retell the story by placing the pictures in order.  By having both varieties, you can have two groups working separately with different manipulatives for the same goal!  You can use the clothespin idea while you are reading the story and the paint sticks for retelling.  You can also just pick one for the needs of the group!


-Verb Tense Match:  Present and past tense verbs are provided for matching.  Can students determine which are regular and irregular tense verbs?

-Comprehension Board Game:  Students can practice their recall and comprehension skills on the task cards to move across the board game.  Various question types are used for practice.


-Describing With Adjectives: Most of the  adjectives from story are provided on cards (jackets).  Students must match the nouns (caps) provided to the adjective that can be used to describe it best.  Can it be described with more than one adjective?

-Putting On A Jacket Sequencing Worksheet:  Students can cut and paste the sentences into the correct order to tell a story/directions for how to put on a jacket.

-Vocabulary Word Search:  Students can review vocabulary with this fun word search!

Not familiar with this story?  This inexpensive book ($6.99) is great!  I have often found this book on the Scholastic Book Order forms for even cheaper!  You can access this companion activity pack by clicking HERE!