The Paper Bag Princess Storybook Companion Pack!

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You asked, I answered!!!  During my survey on Monday, one requested a storybook companion pack for the adorable book, The Paper Bag Princess by Robert Munsch.


I love using this book with older students to teach some higher level thinking skills.  I created a fun companion pack that targets skills for multiple age levels!

In this file:

-Sequencing Sentence Cards:  Cut apart the sentence cards and have students place them into the correct order using their recall and sequencing skills


-Story Retelling Pictures:  Use the pictures provided for students to retell the story in their own words.

-Comprehension Questions Game:  Use the question cards with the board game provided to review details and key story elements from the story

-Vocabulary Matching Cards:  Each card has a vocabulary word from the story (or based on the story) and another card with its definition.  Use these cards to preview the vocabulary before reading the story and reviewing the vocabulary after reading the story.  Use these cards to play a memory matching game.  Use the Frayer Model page to help students review the vocabulary learned.

-Character Traits:  This story has three characters that can be described using character traits.  A list of character traits are provided.  Graphic organizers are provided for each of the three characters (Princess Elizabeth, Prince Ronald, and the dragon).  Students must use the list of character traits and evidence from the story to complete the graphic organizers.

-Compare/Contrast:  Use the Venn diagrams provided to compare and contrast characters and parts of the story.  Students should be encouraged to provide specific evidence from the story to complete the Venn Diagrams.

-Pronoun Sort:  Four pronoun cards are provided: he, she, it, and they.  Each card has a sentence strip to encourage complete sentences with has/have.   Students can decide which pronoun should “possess” or take the various items and use it in a sentence.  3 pages of object cards are provided!


-Perspective Worksheets: Opportunities for students to think about what the characters may be thinking!

Activities to target a variety of age levels and higher level thinking skills!

Grab this storybook companion pack HERE!

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