The Real SLPs of TpT!

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I will admit…a guilty pleasure of mine is watching the Real Housewives…yes all them all!  I cannot even pick a favorite!  As back to school season is approaching (and for some of you I have heard it has already started)…I thought it would be fun to create a new TV series….

If you are familiar with the show, the reality stars have a tag line that they say in the opening credits.  It is a fun slogan to help represent themselves.  What would my tag line be?

I asked some of your favorite SLPs on TpT what their tag lines would be….

“I'm a little bit crazy…but the fun kind”~Crazy Speech World
“Running on coffee and a smile.” ~SLP Runner
“I'll give you something to talk about wink emoticon” ~Fun In Speech
 “I'll rock your (speech) world” ~Kari Radovich
“Puedo hablar espanol wink emoticon”~Speech is Beautiful by Sarah
“I always knew I was destined to work with children!”~Speech Wonderland
“Where Speech is Golden.”~Gold Country SLP
 “I'm the quintessential SLP, I even talk in my sleep!”~Practically Speeching
“A great place for SLP resources.” ~The Speech Place
 “creative ideas for speech therapy”~Activity Tailor
“Pictures speak louder than words.” ~Looks Like Language
“talking your ear off about speech and language.” ~Figuratively Speeching SLP
 “SLPs are communication detectives!”~Autumn Bryant
 “saving you time & bringing back some peace of mind” ~Speech Sanity
“SLPs may come younger, but they don't come hotter.”~Sounds Like Fun
 “teaching through creative experiences!” ~Creative Speech Lab
” SLPs say it best!”~Miss Gator Speech
“I have a taste for speech therapy, and speech therapy has a taste for me.”~The Pedi Speechie
“Old school, but still cool!”~Old School Speech
“you might not know my name, but I bring my speech therapy game 365 days a year!” ~Teach Speech 365
“My last name may be Minor, but there's nothing minor about my passion for speech pathology”~Speech Therapy Major Speech Minor Girl
“Helping you to just say it like it is!”~Speaking Freely SLP
“what you see is what you get with this SLP,”~Natalie Snyders

I may not be Andy Cohen…but my mazel of the day…is and always will be…

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