The Snowy Day Companion Activity Pack!

Use this fun winter activity pack with the story The Snowy Day, by Ezra
Jack Keats.

Don't have this book?!  I found it online!! Click HERE!

In this file:

-Story retelling sentence strips.  Print and cut out the strips.  Mix them up.  Students can rearrange the sentences to retell the story.

-Past tense verb card game: Students pick a card and must express the past tense verb of the word provided.  Can they determine which are regular and those that are irregular??  Once they respond accurately, they can hold onto their cards.  If they pick the “snow ball fight” card, they lose a turn.  The student with the most cards at the end is the winner.

-Comprehension cards:  students can work on recall and story comprehension with these question cards.  Use with the board game provided.


-Which one does not belong:  Each card has three words provided related to the story.  Students must express which word does not belong or go with the others.  Each card has a point value (1-5).  At the end, students can add up their points to determine the winner.

-Vocabulary word search:  Review the vocabulary with this fun word search created using the vocabulary from the story.

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