38: Thinking About Social Thinking Virtually

episode 38 SLP Coffee Talk

In schools, we focus so much on the academic learning part of the process for our students. However, an important piece that we should also remember is social thinking. 

As SLPs, how can you support your students with their social skills and behaviors? In this episode, I am so excited to bring you solutions for just that through my interview with Ryan Hendrix. 

Ryan is a senior therapist at Social Thinking Stevens Creek in San Jose and a private therapist in San Francisco. Her diverse clinical experience includes preschool-age children to young adults with varying levels of social cognitive learning challenges. 

Ryan truly enjoys sharing this information with families and professionals in small settings, conferences, and ongoing collaboration with schools. She brings the concepts, frameworks and strategies of the Social Thinking methodology to life through stories and humor.  



In This Episode, You’ll Discover:


  • How social thinking is the thinking behind the doing
  • The way to teach someone about what they are thinking socially 
  • Examples of sessions where Ryan’s students had an AHA moment 
  • The idea of hidden rules and expectations 
  • How students can connect and relate socially through virtual learning 
  • Ways to incorporate visuals into sessions


episode 38 SLP Coffee Talk



Ryan is so knowledgeable! You are sure to come away with a TON of ways to help your students relate socially and interact with each other more effectively. 


Joke of the Week: 


Q: Why didn’t the mummy have any friends? 

A: Because he was completely wrapped up in himself. 


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