Three Little Pigs Activities for Speech Therapy

I have used this childhood favorite for so many targets in my speech room.  I have used each purpose/activity individually or all together for students/groups with numerous goals.

Three pigs? Three houses? There ya go!  A sequence of three events to recall!  I created pictures with Boardmaker/Google Images to use as a visual as you tell the story and then for students to retell story afterwards.Grab the sequencing pictures here!
Articulation/Sentence Expansion/Describing
Working on /p/ or /g/?!  Tons of auditory bombardment and productions opportunities!  I have also created a memory game using a bunch of pigs images that students can use to find the matches.  They can practice saying their target sound at the word level by labeling the picture they find.  Students can also use their targets at the sentence level by describing the pictures “this pig has ____” or “these pigs are the same”. Grab the memory cards HERE!
Oral Motor
How did the wolf knock down the houses?  That is correct!  He blew them down!  But you need good lip rounding, proper tongue placement and breath support to be able to do that!  I have had my students as a craft make masks that I have found from  We have fun acting out the story and blowing houses down (I have made enlarged pictures of the houses from my sequencing pictures.  Each student gets an opportunity to “play” the wolf and blow the houses down.  Click here for the direct link to the masks!
Another activity I have used is an app I recently found.  It comes in a lite (free) version which lets you use 1 pig or a paid version which comes with other characters.
This is just an easy way to reinforce movements of articulators.  Students can speak into the microphone or just hold your Apple device.  They can watch the pig move in response to sounds.  So easy and fun!
How have you used the Three Little Pigs in your therapy rooms?!  Feel free to comment or email!