To ESY or Not to ESY? That is the question!

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What is ESY you ask?  It is Extended School Year.  As many of you prepare to start working ESY, you may be wondering why did I sign up for this?! Or…you may be asking, why didn't I sign up to work it?!  Here are some thoughts to motivate you whichever answer you have decided to go with!

Have I worked ESY?!  YES!  I have worked in the following scenarios over the years:

  • Contract work through an agency to take on new cases just for the summer.  I was able to make my own schedule, select which cases I wanted and select which areas I wanted to drive to and how far.
  • Work for a 12 month school year program: by working in this school/environment, I was signed up contractually to work the full year.  It was nice to not  have to worry about what I was doing for the summer or where I would work, it just happened!  I also didn't have to learn a new caseload, make a new schedule, or meet new coworkers.
  • Sign up to cover a caseload for someone who did not want to work the 12 month program: this was way fun!  The whole staff was basically a summer-only staff.  We were all “new” together and had fun learning from each other.  It was fun to do something different for the summer than I would normally do during the year and work with a different age group.
  • Work for another district's ESY program: many districts have trouble convincing their own SLPs to work the ESY, so they were seeking SLPs from the outside.  I had fun learning how another district worked!
  • Work for my district's ESY program:  I got to see all of the district's students that were receiving ESY as well as my own students.  I had fun meeting faculty members from around my district.  I always love to learn from others!  It was nice being in my own district, in my own office, with my own materials at hand.  But it was still a laid back environment and different than the usual 10 months.
Do I prefer one over the other?  NO!  I feel each one helped build me as an SLP and teach me new skills.  Yes, it was easiest to work for my district and get extra money as a bonus.
Regretting signing up for ESY this year?
  • Enjoy it!  It will be more laid back than during the school year!
  • Enjoy the extra money!  Remind yourself that it is bonus and we are lucky as SLPs that we can sign up to work for something extra like this.
  • It is only 6 weeks!  You have time before and after to enjoy your summer!
  • You may get some district gossip while you are there!
  • Have fun using summer themes: beach, pool, camp, ocean, picnic, and more!
Didn't sign up?  Regretting it?
  • Can always seek employment somewhere else, there is always another district, clinic, or school that can use you!
  • Sign up next year!
What did I decide for this summer?  I decided to NOT work this summer!  I plan to spend a lot of time with my family, go on some daycations, and create for TpT!!  It was a hard decision to make because I love working ESY and making the extra $$$ but  it was the best decision for me and my family this summer.
What did you decide?  How do you feel about it?  What helped you make your decision?!