Top 10 Prizes

I am always trying to find prizes that are cheap and can motivate most if not all of my students.  Whether you have a sticker chart for good behavior, or rewards for students completing home practice, I think it is important to promote positive behavior.  It can be challenging to motivate all students, especially when in speech we aren't giving grades to students.  We are also working on skills that are difficult for these students.  After trying out various toys/reinforcers…I have gathered a list of the prizes my students enjoy MOST.  I usually order all of my prizes off of – they sell bulk and always send me coupons (refuse to order full price!)  Remember this is what my students enjoy, I always try to see what my students are interested in at the beginning of the year before I purchase anything!  These prizes worked with students kindergarten through 6th grade.

In no particular order:

1. Butterfly necklaces

2. Frogs with Putty Eyes – my students LOVE these!! they come in all animals and types!
3. Monster pop ups – these also come in different animals and types.  I like these because my students have to request assistance to learn how to use it!
4. Penguin spiral notebooks – shocking right?!  My students love notebooks to draw and practice writing sentences.  And they just love penguins!
5. Skateboard erasers – makes school supplies fun and entertaining!
6. Spinning Top erasers – again my students have to ask how to use this but these are so fun!  The round part is an eraser and the middle part is plastic.  They do have to put it together themselves (or you can do it for them).
7. Sport ball key chains – even my younger students that do not have keys love them.  They usually attach them to their backpacks.
8. Sport bracelets – these come in different themes and colors.  The sports theme has been the fan favorite in my speech room.
9. Stackable snowman pencils – these come in different themes as well.  For students that love these, extra motivation to earn more so they can stack!
10. Superhero rubber duckies – again these also come in different themes.  I try to change it up year after year especially for students that love collecting them!  keeps them on their toes what they could earn!
I hope you enjoyed my list this week!  Feel free to send suggestions on things you would like to see in the future!  I love suggestions!!!