“Top” Practice

Do you have students working on spatial concepts?  Or following directions?  Or responding to “where” questions?!  I created a group of materials to use for the concept “on top.”  First, I read the story I created with my students.  They have to point and/or use the target “on top” to answer my basic wh- questions (this also covers recall and comprehension as well).  I laminated the book and binded it together for safe keeping.

Then I created a hands on practice activity with sentence strips.  Students have to follow directions to put the named object on top of the appropriate picture.  “Where is the ___?”

Last, I created a worksheet that could be used as homework or to collect data to see if they comprehend the concept.

What other spatial concepts are you working on?  Do you find any really difficult to teach??  Let me know!  I may have some activities for ya!