Top Secret! Context Clues Fun! ((and giveaway!!))

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Have fun solving the mystery and cracking the code while practicing using context clues!

Using this activity:
-Print, laminate and visually display the “confidential” file.  On one side should say the word “confidential” and on the other side should be the “code” for students to figure out.

**You can also use a file folder and put the “confidential” image on the front, and the code to crack as well as the visual aid on the inside**

-Each card will contain a sentence with a bolded/underlined word.

-Students must identify the meaning of that word using their context clues strategies.  If they respond correctly, there will be a letter provided on their card.  They may hold onto their “clue.”  If students respond incorrectly, the card with their “clue” should go back in the pile to be tried again.  Once all of the cards are used, students should work together to unscramble the letters to “crack the code” or solve the mystery!

-2 levels are provided with 2 codes to crack!  First level is recommended for grades 2-4 and the second level is recommended for grades 5-8.

-A review worksheet is provided for each level.

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