217: Trauma-Informed Care for SLPs with Rachel Archambault

Trauma-Informed Care for SLPs with Rachel Archambault

Are you familiar with trauma-informed care? 

In this episode of SLP Coffee Talk, I sat down with Rachel Archambault, the PTSD SLP, to talk all about trauma-informed care for our speech students. You don’t have to be a trauma detective to support your students who have experienced trauma, you just have to offer them a safe space, and Rachel is telling us exactly how to do it. 

​​Rachel Archambault, MA CCC-SLP is an SLP Program Specialist for Broward County Public Schools. After experiencing a nationally publicized traumatic experience at her workplace, she looked for ways to help work with students (and herself) after trauma. 

She found trauma-informed care and has been presenting nationally to SLPs as well as other healthcare providers on how TIC can be used in their setting. 

In This Episode You’ll Discover:

  • What trauma-informed care is and why it’s important
  • How we can help our students who have gone through trauma 
  • The problem with violent language and what to use instead 
  • Ways to make your students feel safe in speech therapy 
  • Where most SLPs struggle with trauma-informed care 
  • Coping strategies for students who struggle with trauma 
  • Why trauma-informed care training is so important 

I hope this episode gave you a mindset shift so that you can start thinking about ways to make sure your students feel safe in speech with trauma-informed care. 

If you are ready to take the first steps to get training so that you can offer trauma-informed care, make sure to check out Rachel’s website and follow her on Instagram. 

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