Under My Hood I Have a Hat Companion Activity Pack!

Another book I love to use in my therapy room is, Under
My Hood I Have a Hat by Karla Kuskin.

It is an adorable book that can address so many speech & language skills!

One way I use this story is to teach the concept “under” with sentence strips.  You will see below two sentence strips I use made with Boardmaker pictures to encourage expanded utterance length.

I created a fun companion pack filled with vocabulary and comprehension activities to use with this book!

In this pack:

-Story retelling pictures: large and smaller versions.

-Under visual

-Practicing responding to “where” questions with the concept “under” as the answer. Students pick a card and respond to the questions. Once they respond accurately, they can hold onto their cards. If they pick the “snow ball fight” card, they lose a turn. The student with the most cards at the end is the winner.

-Comprehension cards: students can work on recall and story comprehension with these question cards. Use with the board game provided.


-Compare/Contrast card game: Students pick a card and expresses how the two items listed are the same and different. If they respond correctly, they can hold onto their cards. If they do not respond accurately, the card can go back into the pile. At the end of the game, students can add up the points on the card (1-5) to determine a winner!

-Vocabulary word search: Review the vocabulary with this fun word search created using the vocabulary from the story.

You can grab this activity pack HERE!