Update from Miss Speechie’s Speech Room!

Brrrr!! It is COLD out there today!!  Many of you around the country are home having snow days, others are defrosting from an extremely cold day (more than usual)!!  The thermostat in my car this morning said 7 degrees!  HOLY GUACAMOLE!!!  To warm you all up (while I sit here drinking my yummy hot cocoa) I will share some activities I have used in my speech room the past 2 days.  Theme: New Year's!  Thinking about vacation just warms me up!

As you can see above and below, I used my Winter Graphic Organizers paired with a nonfiction story on New Year's Day I found (here) on TeachersPayTeachers (FREEBIE).  I cannot take credit for the story!

Are you wondering how I differentiate my different goals in my groups!?  Well…using the same story (see above), I had one student with comprehension goals and another with vocabulary goals.  One student had to complete the main idea graphic organizer.  I placed a main idea statement for them (“New Year's Day is celebrated around the world on January 1st.”)  My students had to recall the different details that support that main idea and place it in the different mittens.  We kept reviewing that not ALL details from the story may work with that main idea…it must support it!!

My vocabulary students…had to complete the Frayer model graphic organizer.  I  used vocabulary from the story: resolution, celebration, and tradition.

They did great!!!  The students were able to share their work with the group at the end and the other students got to benefit from hearing the responses from students working on a different skill!!

I also found another cute FREEBIE worksheet…(here).  I differentiated this activity by letting some students write sentences, some words, others draw pictures and some do both!  For some groups, I let them have the choice!  After students had fun completing all the boxes, we had fun verbally expressing and sharing our answers.  What goals did I target:  using complete sentences, expressing using past tense verbs, and expressing in correct sequences!  The worksheets themselves gives prompts with carrier phrases, love it!

It was a great way to ease back into work after 2 weeks off!!  What did you do?!!

Stay warm fellow speechies!