Using Catalogs In Speech!

Does your mailbox look like this:

Hate throwing them away?!  I created an idea years ago to help with recycling and makes a free and easy lesson idea (or more!)!

How do I use these:

  • Holiday Gift Scavenger Hunt:  You can give students a sound, category, adjective, or verb and have them search through the various catalogs to find items that go with the named word.  You can make it a competition by speed or by quantity.  You can even have students give each other the words!
  • I Spy:  Give students a page and give them a clue.  Have them locate the item you are describing!  Students can then give each other clues!
  • Make a collage: give students a sound or word and let them search to find pictures.  They can create a collage as an art project to display.

Have you used these in speech therapy??? What have you done??!?!