170: Using Online Dictionaries To Help Our Students Understand New Vocabulary Words

Using Online Dictionaries To Help Our Students Understand New Vocabulary Words


Wondering how you can help your students figure out words they don’t understand? 

In this episode of SLP Coffee Talk, I’m sharing three online tools that you can use as online dictionaries to help your students when they come across those new vocabulary words that they don’t quite understand. 

As SLPs, we know that just teaching our students the definition of a new word isn’t enough. That is not how we make it stick. They need more meaningful exposure to these words before they really understand them. 

These tools that I’m sharing in this episode are a great way to pique your students' interest in new vocabulary words and show them that learning new words can be fun and it’s okay if you don’t know everything because they can learn how to figure it out. 


In This Episode You’ll Discover:

  • Why this is an important skill for students to learn
  • Why just knowing the definition of a word isn’t enough for our students
  • What these tools are and how they help our students learn new words
  • How these tools help students learn how to advocate for themselves


These tools are so amazing for helping our students get a better understanding of those brand-new words. It can pique their interest, give them parts of speech, and even help them with translations. This gives your students a strategy of what to do when they don’t have a teacher or parent there to help them figure out a new word. 

I hope you enjoyed this episode and you get to use these tools with your students! If you’re looking for some more tips and resources to help you plan your therapy sessions quickly and easily, make sure to join SLP Elevate today! 


Using Online Dictionaries To Help Our Students Understand New Vocabulary Words


Joke of the Week:

Q: Which spring month can’t ever make a decision? 

A: May-be. 


Resources Mentioned: 

Check out Lingro

Check out Visuwords

Check out Word Hippo


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