Using PicCollage to Work on Multiple Speech Goals


PicCollage?  Isn't that a photo collage app?  Yes, but you can use PicCollage to work on multiple speech goals!

PicCollage for Mixed Groups

You can easily work on multiple speech goals at a time with this fun, FREE iPad (or iPhone) app!

Students can work together to go on a hunt for categories, colors, articulation targets, or even within a storybook.

If you have only 1 iPad, have no fear!  That will encourage social interaction and problem solving right there!  Students have to determine who will take the pictures, who will find what to take pictures of, who will pick the background, and who will add the stickers.

If you wanted students to go for a hunt in your therapy room to locate items that contain their speech sound..

PicCollage for Mixed Groups

If you wanted students to read a book and take pictures of significant events…

Photo Apr 27, 10 05 30 AM

When they upload the photos into the app, even if you hit “freestyle” it moves the images randomly into a grid.  Students can work together to move the images around into the correct sequence…

PicCollage for Mixed Groups

Then, they can have fun making it look fancy and fun while verbally retelling the story in their own words, answering WH questions, reviewing vocabulary, and more!

PicCollage for Mixed Groups

What else can you do with a storybook and this app?  You can work on grammar!  Students can go on a hunt before you read, while you read, or after you read to find a specific concept.  For example, I had my students hunt for plural nouns while reading Caps for Sale!

PicCollage for Mixed Groups

This app is so easy to use, no prep involved at all, and just fun!  Students love it and many of them are familiar with photo collage apps too!  It is a great life skill that is relevant to them!

Want to learn more about this?  Watch my You Tube video from my live Periscope all about using this app!