Using Venn Diagrams in Speech Therapy

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Wondering why and how you can be using Venn Diagrams to work on compare and contrast with your speech and language students?

Using Venn Diagrams to Work on Compare and Contrast in Speech Therapy

Speech and language students can struggle in various ways. They can struggle with vocabulary, memory, organization of language, and comprehending what they heard/read. Graphic organizers are a great tool to help our students.

Why use graphic organizers in speech therapy?

There is tons of evidence to support the use of graphic organizers.

Students with ASD and LLDs often struggle to understand relationships among critical concepts. They require explicit instruction in how content is related to background knowledge so they can make inference. (Ward-Lonergan & Duthie, 2016)

Graphic organizers can be used to identify salient details. They can be used to minimize extraneous information that frequently distracts students from the most important content. (DiCecco & Gleason, 2002)

As you can see…our students can benefit from it so why not use it! But let's focus on the Venn Diagram for comparing and contrasting.

Why Use A Venn Diagram in Speech Therapy

Our students struggle to visually see comparisons. They need help to organize their thoughts to answer questions. They benefit from tasks being broken down and simplified. A Venn Diagram can do that for them. With it being as simple as using a venn diagram maker, using this method in a class like these could make a big difference to how children learn and are able to put their opinions down on paper. We can help teach them HOW to complete a graphic organizer and how to verbally explain responses using phrases like “The ____ is _______ but the _____ is ______.”

Using Venn Diagrams in Speech and Language Therapy

Start with basic vocabulary. Can they use a Venn Diagram to compare/contrast. Sometimes you may need to scaffold for your students and GIVE them the answers to sort! (I did that for you in my Venn Diagram resource shown above which you can check out by CLICKING HERE!).


You can make practicing FUN! Don't be afraid to think outside the box. I love just using a dry erase marker and writing on my table and letting my students complete a Venn Diagram that way.

Using Venn Diagrams to Work on Compare and Contrast in Speech Therapy

Once my students grasp basic vocabulary…my job isn't done! They need to own how to use this skill with comprehension tasks! They are expected to use graphic organizers such as this one in the classroom setting. I can model and help them. Just like with basic vocabulary, I give them the answers to sort when completing the Venn Diagram based on a text read/heard.

Using Venn Diagrams to Work on Compare and Contrast in Speech Therapy

You can easily do this yourself but I do have a resource for ya that has it all done for you! Feel free to check out my entire Compare and Contrast Stories for the Year pack by CLICKING HERE.


Always remember…our students benefit from explicit instruction, models, and tons of opportunities to practice. Show them how the skill will help them in the classroom. Make it relevant!