Using Video Clips In Speech Therapy!


Many speech students are visual learners and have a heard time making connections with information presented in the academic classroom.  I have used video clips found through YouTube to help my students make these connections.  When I know what the students are learning in their classrooms, I like to find a fun clip related to pop culture or just a catchy tune to help them make these connections.  I help them understand why the humor in some TV shows/movies are funny if they understand the connections.  Below are some of my favorites to use!

Do you have students reading “Of Mice & Men?”  They will love this video clip from FRIENDS.

Do you have students learning about the Boston Tea Party?  Check out this Geico Commercial by clicking HERE!

If you have students learning about Ancient China, they will LOVE this video!
TONS of science videos can be found by clicking HERE!!
Do you love the Magic School Bus?!  There are TONS of clips available on YouTube!!  Click HERE to view Lost in Space!
Do you have students learning how to write persuasive essays?!  Click HERE to view this cute video using sock puppets to teach!

Do you love Schoolhouse Rock?!  There are TONS of videos available on YouTube!!  Click HERE to see the video for how a bill becomes a law!

There are TONS more out there.  I will keep adding to this blog post as I come across them or remember more!  Feel free to comment below with your favorites!