Using You Tube Videos to Work On Conjunctions in Speech Therapy

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Looking for more engaging ways to work on conjunctions with your older speech students?!

Using You Tube Videos to Work On Conjunctions in Speech Therapy

Working with older students can be tough. They are frustrated with learning, can be embarrassed to come to speech, or just bored of it. We have so many obstacles in our way. I love to use You Tube videos to keep them engaged and work on a variety of speech goals. I am going to share with you some of my favorite videos to use to work on conjunctions and how I use it!

Using Epic or Fail to Work on Conjunctions

My students LOVE playing Ellen's popular Epic or Fail game! I typically use it to work on predicting (SEE MY PREVIOUS POST ALL ABOUT USING THIS GAME BY CLICKING HERE). I wanted to find another goal to address with this motivating game. I realized that I can easily work on conjunctions! Students were able to use “and” to express the epics (successes) and “but” to express the fails (something did not go as planned!). See below a sample video that you can use in your therapy rooms!

Using How Advertisers Photograph Food Video to Work on Conjunctions

So I got this idea from the SLP Happy Hour Podcast. See their episode and learn more ideas by CLICKING HERE.

They shared how they use this video to work on conjunctions. They left it open-ended and allowed students to use a variety of conjunctions. I needed my students to have more structure and work on more basic conjunctions. I used this video to have them just use the conjunction “so.” “Why did they use ____? They used _____ SO ______.” See the video for yourself below!

Using “I Did Not See That Coming” Video In Speech

So you can see I love Epic or Fail. Guess what?! She has another game! It is brand new so I am hoping she plays it more so we can have more videos on You Tube for it! Right now…she has 2 of them but I will be honest….1 has a question that has an answer choice as “drunk man” or something like that. Therefore…I have provided you with the OTHER video clip below! This game is played similarly to Epic or Fail but it is a multiple choice question to guess what will happen next. I used this video to work on the conjunction “but.” So for example…”I thought the man was going to get attacked BUT he got wet.” So what did they think will happen (their guess in the multiple choice game) and then what really happened after. See the game below!

Using Optical Illusion Videos to Work on Conjunctions in Speech

Optical Illusions are fun and elicit a TON of language. There are so many Google Images and You Tube videos out there. I found one that you can use and you can have students describe what is happening using various conjunction types to put them all together!

Loving these videos!? They are motivating, fun, and elicit so much language. They can be used to work on a variety of speech goals…not just conjunctions (so you can easily adapt for your mixed groups!). I love using these so much I wanted a fun way to stretch the activities out. I wanted my students to practice writing their compound sentences they have verbally expressed. I created some worksheets for them to jot down their responses and I am provided them for you FREE! Grab your copy by clicking the button below! I hope this helps you plan easier and keep your older students engaged!! If you use them…please tag me on social media with you using them! I love seeing you have fun with your students and using Speech Time Fun activities!

Conjunctions Worksheets Using You Tube Videos Freebie for Speech Therapy