70: Using YouTube in Speech Therapy with Deborah Brooks

Using YouTube in Speech Therapy with Deborah Brooks



Do you use YouTube in speech therapy? I hope you do!

YouTube videos can be so motivating for our students and there are SO many goals we can address while using them.

I was interviewed by Deborah Brooks from the SLPs Wine and Cheese podcast to talk all about this topic, and I loved our conversation so much that I asked her if I can have the recording to put it on SLP Coffee Talk! That is what you will be hearing in this episode!

Deborah Brooks provides speech therapy to individuals of all ages and levels of need throughout NYC. From podcasting to teaching college courses to creating her own educational materials, there isn’t a stone in the world of Speech Pathology that Deborah Brooks has left unturned.

Deborah is the author and illustrator of the speech therapy coloring book series, Color in Speech. She earned her B.A. in Communication Sciences and Disorders in 2010 and M.A. in Speech-Language Pathology in 2012, both from St. John’s University in Queens. Six years later, Deborah returned to St. John's as an adjunct professor. Additionally, she works at a special needs elementary school in Brooklyn and supervises clinical fellows pursuing licensure in the field of Speech-Language Pathology. Deborah is also a part of the team at Downtown Kids Therapy Group in TriBeCa, NY. 

When she's not doing therapy, Deborah and co-host Maria Kotsonis have a weekly Speech Therapy podcast on iTunes and Spotify called SLPs Wine and Cheese. If you’d like to see Deborah’s sessions in action, she posts daily videos to her Instagram account @deborahbrooksslp.

In This Episode You’ll Discover:

  • The benefit of using digital resources in person or virtually
  • How you can use fewer materials with multiple groups and mixed groups
  • Using YouTube to work on various goals
  • Integrating EDPuzzles and Jamboard
  • How YouTube videos help by using repetition
  • Pairing videos with strategies and goals

The way I see it, students love technology and YouTube, so why not utilize it? Plus, it is a great opportunity to switch things up and reduce reading and writing!

I hope you enjoyed hearing this interview and got a lot of good value out of the tips and resources that I shared with Deborah. Check out her podcast, SLPs Wine and Cheese, and subscribe for more of her episodes!

Also, make sure to check out my favorite YouTube videos to use with mixed speech groups! You can find them all here.

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Using YouTube in Speech Therapy with Deborah Brooks


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EDPuzzles for Speech Therapy

Using YouTube with Mixed Speech Therapy Groups



SLPs Wine and Cheese Podcast



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