Valentine’s Day Roll, Say & Color Articulation Fun!

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SNOW DAY!!  Woohoo…I took advantage and pushed out my Valentine's Day version of my popular roll, say and color activity!!

***Grab 2 dice, print the page of the target sound working on, and some crayons and you are ready!  No laminating involved!

How to use this product:
-Students roll the two dice.  One dice will tell them which row to look at.  The second dice will tell them to count across to determine the target word to say!  You can even make them say that word that many times!!!

-Once they say the target, they can color the winter themed picture!

-Keep rolling and practicing those target sounds until the entire page is colored!  There are 36 opportunities to practice each target sound!  Can send home the worksheet for review home practice!

-Target sounds included, in the initial and final positions:
/k, g, s, f, v, th, sh, ch, l, r, z/

Initial clusters included: /s/, /r/, and /l/

You can access this activity pack in my TpT store by clicking HERE!!