Valentine’s Day Wh- Questions Picture Book

As I sit here trying to process that the weekend is over and I have to get ready for the full week ahead, I decided to create one more Valentine's Day themed activity.  I have been working on wh- questions with several of speech kiddies.  For most, we are at the phase where we need to learn how to answer a variety and recognize the different types.  With the help of google images, my laminator, and my binding machine, I developed the Valentine's Day Wh- Questions Picture Book.  I laminated the questions on the flip side of the picture on the previous page.  This way when we “read” the book, the questions are in view.  I tried to include each type of question form for each picture.  If you have students that are beyond the basic wh- question level, you can use these pictures for inferring questions or cause and effect (I unfortunately did not include examples).  Grab it here!

I cannot believe Valentine's Day is on Tuesday already!!  Where has this year gone?!  Any fun things going on in your speech rooms or classrooms on Tuesday?!?!  I have so many ideas I cannot decide!!  I have seen so many cute food crafts on Pinterest that I may have to try one out!  xoxo