Verbs practice fun!

I have been drilling with my students regular and irregular past tense verbs all year!  I have been trying to think of creative ways to review before the school year ends.

I ordered a product from Super Duper for my supply list for next year and I was so excited when I got it already that I had to use it ASAP!  It is called “Yesterday's Verbs.”  If you do not have it, definitely try and get it!  It is a great program for students with syntax goals.  It has a progress approach to working on this skill.  For each, regular and irregular, they have a flip book that is split up into sections.  You can drill and review each section until mastered before going onto next.  The book comes with the program and the worksheets correlate to the flip books.  You can check out this product here!

I was inspired by an idea I found on pinterest.  I wanted to create a fun craft to practice these verb tenses.  I like to call it “Lunch Bag Verb Practice Books.”

Since I had 6 verb tense pairs, I took 7 lunch bags.  At the seam, is the closed end of the lunch bags.  I cut the bags in half.  For the “cover,” I had the closed end on the right hand side.  I stapled at the seam.  You can do this for your students ahead of time or give them the instructions to do so for themselves.  We glued the present tense verbs on each bag or “page.”  We then glued the past tense onto index cards (to make them more durable).  We placed each past tense in the bag that went with the present tense verb.  It was such a fun way to practice and then drill as we “read” our books!  I let my students take the projects home, they were so proud!  Their homework was to read their books to someone at home!  Such an easy way to keep drilling!

You can grab copies of the Boardmaker pictures here!
regular past tense       irregular past tense

Since yesterday's say and color worksheets were such a hit, I created a version to be used with regular and irregular past tense verbs.

You can your copies here!
Say and Color! Regular past tense verbs
Say and Color! Irregular past tense verbs

My students have enjoyed practicing their verbs with these activities, will yours?!!