Wh- Question Easter Egg Hunt

It's that time of year again!  To take out your dollar store Easter eggs and baskets!!  What to do with them this year??  Try this idea for students working on wh- questions.

First, print and laminate the egg printable and place them into the plastic eggs.  Hide them around your room!  If you have a small room like mine, you can use the hallway, cafeteria, or make a sensory bin to hide the eggs.  I have done all the above in the past!

Now it is time for the hunt!  Who can find the most?  Or you can have a student one at a time go and find an egg and return so that each student finds the same amount.

Once an egg is found, the student bring it back to table to open.  Use prompting to have student recognize which type of wh- question form it is.  Use your visuals!(there are tons out there on Speakingofspeech.com, boardmakershare.com, and various other blogs!  send me an email if you would like me to send ya some!)  By reviewing the types and using visuals, this should help the student respond appropriately.  Once responded, they may put their egg in appropriate flower pot.  When you are all done, you can review each flower pot and how the answers go together (there is your associations goal!).

I got the “flower pots” from the $1 section at Target.  They had tons of small buckets in all different colors!  I chose to get 5 of the same so that I can use them for various purposes.

Click below to grab: