Wh- Questions at the Farm!


So many of my younger students LOVE the farm and animals.  Therefore, I decided to make a fun download to work on wh- questions!

What does it include?
-Board game to use with who, what, where, when cards
-Visual to use with these cards



-Visual and cards to work on “why” questions with the board game as well.  There is a worksheet for review as well.


“What doing?”  Game:  Each student gets a barn picture.  Students pick a card and reads/listens to the card.  Each card describes an action then asks a “what doing” question.  This will elicit recall, understanding of question form, and production of noun/pronoun + verb-ing sentence structure.  Each card has an animal or hay on it.  There are 5 different types of animals on the cards.  Students must collect all 5 animals and place in their barn in order to be the winner!  The hay pictures are used to make the game last longer!


On the farm barrier game:  Use the farm picture and animals/farm items to play a barrier game.  Students must listen to descriptions and place items in correct location to match the “leader.”  This game will elicit “where” questions and prepositions!  To put together, just print the farm and laminate onto file folders which work as great barriers!


I hope you like this product!!  Enjoy it!  You can access this one at my TpT page!