WH-Questions Island App Review!

Virtual Speech Center has released a brand new app, WH-Questions Island!

This great app is easy to navigate and individualize for your students' needs.  You can set the types of questions, receptive/expressive or both targets, how many turns before the students have to switch, and more!

I got to try this app out with two of my students and they had a blast with the graphics and activities!

Before starting this activity, you can set the types of questions and the student can select a graphic to play with.

I chose to switch off between students.  This helps keep their attention.  I set the app to read the instructions which included the receptive choices.  This forced them to listen to all the choices and not impulsively answer (like they wanted to!).  Even if you have it set to receptive, students have the record and playback button to practice expressing the answer as well.

For each question type selected, each flashcard session goes through all 20 sets before switching to the next.  With that said, just remember that if you wanted to “select all” that you will have to go through one at a time.


Once all 20 trials are complete, or if you click done, you can access score reports:

Board Game:
Again you can have students select graphics for player.  Students activities can be individualized as they go along the board game and get to the treasure!  Students must just tap the spinner and the game moves along the board for the students (prevents cheating!).

This activity does a better job of switching amongst the different question types.  Again, for receptive questions, students can record their responses as well.



When students land on certain spaces, graphics are rewarded to them like gold falling down the screen.  To help ensure 20 trials, even if a student wins the game, they go back to the beginning and start over automatically.

At any time, for both activities, you can hit finish and end the session.  You are automatically shown score reports and have the ability to email them to yourselves.

You can also access the score reports from the main page as well.  Reports are stored and can be accessed for progress monitoring!  Yes!!

This $9.99 is definitely worth it!!  Check it out at iTunes!