Wh- Questions Train Fun! ((and giveaway))


Do you have students working on wh- questions?  Do you have students obsessed with trains?!  Then this download is for you!

In this activity:

-Sorting answers to wh- questions: sort cards to “who” “what” “where” and “when” cards.  Can use file folder or sort on a table.

-Board game and task cards to practice responding to variety of questions.

-Visual for responding to “why” questions

-Why Questions Card Game:  Students will pick a card and answer the “why” question provided.  Once they respond accurately, they can hold onto their cards.  If they pick the “rail road crossing” card, they will lose a turn!  The student with the  most cards at the end of the game will be the winner!

-Wh- Question Picture Worksheet:  Students will answer questions on the worksheet based on the picture provided (who, what, where, when).

-Why Review Worksheet:  Students will match the why questions to the correct answers!

You can access this activity by visiting my TpT store!
Now, here is a chance to win this activity!  All you have to do is comment below!  I will pick a winner randomly Thursday, March 28th in the evening!  Keep checking my Facebook page to see if you have won!