What Does It Do? What Do You Use It For?

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Are you a fan of EET (expanding expression tool) by Sara L. Smith? (http://www.expandingexpression.com/).  Do you have students working on object-function?!  Then this activity pack is for you!  Do you notice all of the color blue?!!

In this file:

-Function Sort:  Print and laminate the sorting mats.  You can cut them apart or keep them as is.  Then print and laminate the sorting cards.  Students should identify which function best describes each object.  Can they determine more than one function?  Can they express a more specific function for each object?

-What Has This Function? Board Game:  As students roll a dice and land on the different board spaces, they must name an object that has the function listed on that space.

-What’s My Function? BINGO:  Print and laminate BINGO boards for each student.  Print and laminate the calling cards.  As you pick a calling card, students can take turns expressing the function of the object and locating that function on the board game.  The first student to get a BINGO is the winner!

-Review Worksheets:
-Students will match objects to their functions.
-For each function they will list as many objects as they                    can that have that function mentioned

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