What Does It Look Like? (EET Companion)

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I have been enjoying teaching my students how to use the EET to describe this school year so far!  I have introduced it, practiced describing common school objects, and used my Bubble Gum Companion Pack to show the different answers so far!  It has been interesting to see which “beads” they are struggling the most with.  I was shocked to see that many students on my caseload this year are struggling with the “what does it look like?” bead.  I couldn't believe it!  Of course, the one companion/helper pack that I did not create yet!  Well, until now!

In this activity:


-Sorting: Students can sort the describing words into the correct category (color, size, shape)

-Board Game: Students must roll the dice and move along the game board. Before they can roll the dice, they must pick a card and respond accordingly. The card will prompt the student to respond specifically on how an object looks.
-Review worksheets
Say & Color

You can access this activity in my TpT store by clicking HERE!