164: What Successful Readers Do with Ella Sherman

What Successful Readers Do with Ella Sherman


What do successful readers do naturally? 

In this episode of SLP Coffee Talk, I sat down with none other than my very own daughter, Ella, to talk about some things that successful readers do. She’s given me a lot of insight into what our students are picking up naturally in the classroom, and she’s here to share some tips that we can all apply to our therapy sessions! 

Ella joined me on the podcast a year ago for my birthday episode and it was lots of fun so I knew I wanted to bring her on again. She is in third grade so she is the same age as a lot of our students. She also loves to read and has some successful strategies that she uses when she’s reading some of her favorite books or books for school. 

A lot of our students may have heard the concepts we have tried to teach them before from their classroom teachers and it’s not sticking. Learning is hard sometimes! So, it’s so good to know what a good reader is doing naturally while they’re reading. 


In This Episode You’ll Discover:

  • What Ella does when she doesn’t know a word when reading 
  • The tricks she learned from her teacher this year to help her remember and understand things while reading
  • How she approaches research and writing 
  • Ella’s tips for answering comprehension questions


I hope you enjoyed listening to Ella’s tips! It’s so helpful to hear what she does when she’s reading, writing, or answering comprehension questions. It's things that our students need to be explicitly taught so that they too, can be successful readers and successful learners as well.

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What Successful Readers Do with Ella Sherman


Joke of the Week:

Q: What do a dog and a cell phone have in common? 

A: They both have Caller ID/Collar ID.


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