205: When You Love What You Do with Jill Silverman

When You Love What You Do with Jill Silverman


Do you know the impact you are making on your students each and every day? 

Since we are just starting a brand new year, I want you to make this a year that you absolutely love what you do. I’m sharing a recording with one of my Speech Retreat speakers, Jill Silverman who is someone who loves being an SLP and you can see it in everything she does. 

She shares her experiences working with her high school students, utilizing SLP Elevate with her students, and the amazingness of building rapport and making a difference for her students. 

Jill Silverman volunteers on the BCPS TABCO SLP Educator Council with 13 colleagues.

JMore newspaper wrote a story about “Baltimore Resilience” profiling people who had gotten through the Pandemic through grit, determination, and even reinvention. This edition of the newspaper included Ms. Silverman and her work for Baltimore County Public Schools.

Ms. Silverman was contracted by the State of Maryland Office of the Attorney General Medicaid Fraud Control Unit to serve as an Expert Witness in a matter that was investigated, resulting in a $ 4 million restitution. 

 Ms. Silverman is also Governor appointed to the Maryland State Board of Audiologists, Hearing Aid Dispensers, Speech-Language Pathologists & Music Therapists for a period of 4 years with a possibility of being reelected for a second term. She also serves as an expert witness on families’/students’ behalf in Washington D.C., where she is also licensed.


In This Episode You’ll Discover:

  • The true power of the rapport we build in speech therapy
  • Tips for building relationships with older speech students
  • The best activities to do with older speech kids
  • The impact SLP Elevate has had on Jill’s career
  • Why we need to embrace technology with our students


If there's someone you know who can benefit from listening to this episode, who might need that push and reminder of why you do what you do and the impact you're making on your students daily, make sure to share this episode with them! 

I can't wait to hear feedback from you guys on this episode!

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When You Love What You Do with Jill Silverman


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