Where Do You Find It?!

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Do you find when you work on EET with your students and you ask them “where do you find it?” they respond with generic responses like “Wal-Mart?”  I am constantly trying to prompt my students to be more specific!!  “After you buy it, then where to you put it!?”  I decided to create a fun way of working on the “where” bead of the EET.  No EET, this product can still work on building vocabulary, categorization, and answering “where” questions!

In this activity:

-Three sets of sorting activities: students can sort the items into where they would find it (around home, school, holding objects)

-Board Game:  Students must roll the dice and move along the game board.  In order to stay on the spot, they must express the location to where they would find the object mentioned in the spot they landed on.

-Say & Color!  Students must express an object that can  be found in the location mentioned in the picture in order to color it!

You can access this activity in my TpT store by clicking HERE!