Whole Body Listening Larry Books! ((product review!!))

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A colleague of mine in the past introduced me to the concept of “whole body listening.”  She knew of someone that went to a workshop where it was discussed and she incorporated the concepts into her speech room.  Since that day (many moons ago) I always begin my school year by introducing my students to “whole body listening.”  Using Boardmaker and other crafty resources, I made some visuals but I have been eyeing the Whole Body Listening Larry books which is part of the Social Thinking Products by Michelle Garcia Winner.  Both books were written by Kristen Wilson and Elizabeth Sautter.  I was THRILLED when they offered to send me their two books to check out and review for you.  I am SO excited to bring these in and begin the school year by reading them to my students!  Keep reading to learn more!


Whole Body Listening Larry at School

This book is a great way to introduce the concept.  It teaches students that it is important to use the entire body in order to listen.  It uses cute cartoons/comics to teach as well.  It gives examples of the wrong ways which helps illustrate the concept.  The book teaches this concept with the characters Leah and Luka, twins that are new to a class/school.  The teacher tells the class to help them learn the rules.  Throughout the book, Larry helps the twins realize that their behaviors will impact their abilities to listen and points it out to them.   The book goes through the various settings at a school: recess, classroom, rug for book time, music room, on a field trip, etc.
What else does the book have?  It has a handout that can be photocopied and sent home or reviewed after the book is read.
The book also has a sheet with a “craft” activity.  You can photocopy but I recommend using a color copy machine.  You can use this to make your own visual or reinforce the concepts learned with your students.  You can have your students glue the various pieces into their speech notebooks and write down next to each piece what they need to do and why.  But guess what, this page is also available on their website!! Click HERE to get your own copy of this page!!!
The book has a variety of follow-up activities in it which are FABULOUS! I am so excited to use them!  Would never have thought of some of them!
What else can you address with this book?
  • Character traits
  • Wh- questions (“Who is not listening?” “Where are they now?” “Why should you listen to the teacher?”)
  • Key story elements: characters, setting, problem, solution
  • Social skills: What would you say to the twins?  How should you listen during conversations and why?
  • Sort right way vs. wrong way of behaviors and make a chart on board/chart paper
Want to teach kids how to carryover their new listening skills at home?  Are parents requesting ideas to help work with their children?  This is the book!!
This book is about Larry and his family at home.  Sister Lucy does not know how to listen with her whole body.  Larry points out all of the times she is not listening appropriately and teaches her the right way!
This book also uses a cute cartoon/comic to teach!  Students and parents will love this one!
This book also has suggestions to parents on how to reinforce the whole body listening strategy at home.
This book also has the coloring/craft page and handout for you to photocopy and use.
Again, this book can address other skills:
  • Answering questions
  • Role playing/social skills
  • Character traits
  • Summarizing
  • Parent involvement
  • Repetition
  • and more!
These books are great!  I am so excited to use them in my therapy room!!!    It will make a HUGE difference in the way I introduce the concept in September!  Do you use whole body listening?  Have these books?  How about the poster? I recommend this book in your “wishlist” as you plan for the upcoming school year!