Why should I follow bloggers on social media?


Do you enjoy reading blogs, especially SLP blogs?! Do you follow them on social media? Keep reading to learn more tips on how to get the most out of the SLP resources out there!

If you do not follow blogs on social media? How do you find out about new blog posts and products available!? Do you just browse through them when you get a chance? Do you catch a post that sounds interesting through Pinterest? Who posted that pin? Was it a colleague, a girl you knew from graduate school? Well..I have some tips so that YOU can be the one sharing that post with others and be the FIRST to know about EVERYTHING SPEECHIE!

I know..there are TONS of SLP bloggers now. Who has time to click “follow” to each of them. Well…there are tons of collaborative pin boards to help you! Some of my favorites that I follow (and post to as well):

Why should you follow bloggers on Pinterest? Be the first to know about new ideas, find out about new products created for or by fellow SLPs, and if you a visual learner like me…you can see eye catching images that will make you motivated to bring those ideas into your speech rooms. Now, I am NOT talking only about TpT products..so many bloggers (myself included) post DIY ideas, app reviews, and so much more.
Did you know there are tons of Facebook groups?? The Facebook “company” has been creating limitations for “businesses” or the pages you follow. They want companies to pay to be seen. Well..this is NOT good for bloggers! We blog because we love what we do and want to share it. By clicking “get notifications” on the blogger pages you follow, you can try and help see more. Facebook also has a way of knowing if you are viewing the pages and will tend do show you posts more if they know you are “engaging” with that page. Click like every once in a while, it will help!
By joining groups, you can ask/answer or just read others concerns. I have learned so much just by reading what others have to say in boards. So many times people post questions of issues I am having as well and it is nice to hear others responses. It is also nice to hear how things are done around the country.
Don't follow bloggers on Facebook yet??? Most bloggers like myself post to Facebook first because it is the easiest way to get word out. What do we share?
  • Links to newest blog posts
  • Information on sales and new products (TpT and commercially available products)
  • App sales (and freebies)
  • Fun conversations
  • Polls to ask about things you would like to see in the future
  • Giveaways
  • and so much more!
Did you know many bloggers are on Instagram? Well..we are!! We LOVE to post pictures of us using therapy products and what fun things our students are working with. It is such a fun and easy way to bring our therapy ideas to life. Instagram is an excellent way to connect with readers and follow like-minded people by sharing your loves and interests. It might be a little difficult to get free instagram followers however there are social media tools that could help you with that. We love to use Instagram and hope that you follow us to join in on the fun!
Why check it often? Because people are posting TONS of ideas you don't want to miss out on! With Facebook being annoying with their limiting exposure to our pages, Instagram is a great way for us to get seen. If more and more bloggers were to use similar software to this instagram dm on mac application, it would be a lot easier for all of us to stay connected and speak to each other, we don't even have to open instagram up on our browsers!
We also tend to use # (hashtags):
  • #SLPeeps
  • #SLP
  • #SchoolSLP
  • #SLPonTpT
  • #SLPblogger
  • #ASHAigers
  • and more!
Just check out those # to easily see fun speech ideas!
Other social media forums and tips:
  • Twitter: I don't use it that often, I'm still learning it. But just use #SLPeeps or #Wespeechies to join in on the SLP conversations!
  • Follow TpT sellers on their stores. They send out messages to your TpT inbox about sales, giveaways, and new products.
  • Did you sign up for the SLPsonTpT newsletter?! Click the image on my blog side to sign up for emails every Sunday! This newsletter contains new products, freebies, and awesome blog posts.
  • Blogluvin: Do you like to read tons of blogs but hate typing in all the different websites? Just use this website/app to follow them and easily read all of them from one place!! It also easily notifies you of new posts!
I hope this helped you get ideas on why it can benefit you to follow bloggers on social media. Hope you see you there!!