Wicked Word Fun- Context Clues!

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I purchased some more Halloween themed clip art and had to create a new activity that I can use with my older students.  It is very hard to find motivating activities for this age group.  I did my research on vocabulary grades 4 and 5 are expected to know and understand.  Introducing, Wicked Word Fun – Context Clues!

What does this activity pack include?  It has a visual of the different types of clues to look or listen for.  Feel free to use this visual as a way to introduce and review.

Then there is a card game to practice this skill.  One each card, there is a sentence or two with a word that is bolded and underlined.  Student must determine which clue was provided and select the meaning from the choices.  The students select a card from a pile, bag, or other motivating option.  You can decide if you want the student reading or listening.  If you want to use this as an auditory comprehension activity, you can read it or the students can read it to each other.

There are Peek-a-Boo cards included.  You can decide if you want to make students lose a turn, get a bonus turn, or lose their cards.  The choice is yours!

To review, I have included a worksheet with two more words to determine the meaning of.  You can use this for home practice or to just review at the end of the session after playing the game.

I hope you find the vocabulary challenging enough for your older students.  I worked hard to find the perfect words to use!  Special thanks to my previewers of this activity.  They had great feedback!  Check out this activity at my TpT store!