Wind up toy fun!

On my last trip to the dollar store, I saw a jar full of wind up toys that caught my eye.  I purchased one without knowing how I was going to use it.  Later on, I was going through some therapy ideas I have previously pinned to gain inspiration.  I saw a sight words activity that used a top in a baking pan to work on sight words.  That's when I decided I was going to use the wind up toy in a pan or storage crate.  Rather than the top, I was going to have the students wind up the toy and let it roam.  When the toy stopped, the students will have to perform a task based on their goals.

I realized I could use this activity with SO many goals: articulation, grammar, vocabulary, etc.  I created two Boardmaker displays for you to use in your therapy rooms.  One has names of categories, when the student lands on a category, they must name items in that category (the amount you can decide!).  Another one I made has the singular form of irregular plural nouns.  We used this to practice verbally expressing the plural form.  My students had so much fun playing with this toy but also working on their speech and language goals!  Will yours have fun with this too?!